We bring the mats, the music, and the moves. All you need to do is meet us on the mat.


Pilates Pros is a South Florida pop-up Pilates studio, traveling from Miami to Pompano Beach. Our certified Pilates instructors lead residential wellness programs and offer private and community Pilates parties. Whether you’re taking our classes at your condo, Airbnb, or favorite SoFlo spot, we deliver a luxury pilates experience like no other. Meet us on the mat and find out for yourself.

Ditch the headaches of coordinating and planning. We’re a done-for-you service. We pop-up all around South Florida. We bring the mats, the music, and the moves. All you have to do is show up.


Our goal is to bring people together through the power of mindful movement. Bond over a shared interest of wellness with new and/or old friends. In addition, research shows that working out in a group helps keep you motivated and moving. 


We prioritize your confidence in our team. All our pros are certified in the Pilates method, carry insurance, pass thorough background checks, and receive specialized training in the Pilates Pros method for a consistent, professional experience. With us, you can expect expert guidance, safety, and a strong commitment to your wellness journey.


We embrace a holistic approach to wellness, acknowledging the integral link between mind and body. Our programs prioritize both physical strength and mental well-being, promoting a deeper mind-body connection. With a mission to infuse movement with mindfulness and fun, we empower our clients to find balance, joy, and well-being in every session.




Nicole Hernandez teaches Pilates as a way to support not just physical fitness, but mental health too. Also known as the Calm Cuban, she jokingly says: “if I can be calm, anyone can.” Her struggles with anxiety gave her first-hand experience on how exercise can be beneficial for brain health. After practicing Pilates for over 7 years, she took her commitment to movement to the next level and became mat certified in 2021. Her flows are customized with her client’s mind in mind. Wherever you are on your wellness journey, she’ll meet you on the mat with kindness and empathy. 

NIcole Hernandez

Pilates became my escape while working in a corporate tech position: the long hours at a desk made me feel dreary and drained, but Pilates energized me, centered me, and inspired me. Now, with over 3 years of experience under my belt, I work to inspire my clients to find that same magic I found in the Pilates method. In every session, I will work to create a fun, and uplifting environment that enables you to center yourself, energize yourself and improve your overall quality of life. 

Elisha Sonn

Olivia b. 

We had a wonderful time with the Pilates pros of soflo! They were accommodating and kind, as well as fun! 

Victoria r. 

Great experience with the Pilates Pros! The instructors had great energy, so kind & made the class very enjoyable. Highly recommend!


You deserve to be supported and have fun along the way. Discover what luxury wellness feels like with the Pilates Pros. 

Pilates Pros of SOFLO